5 Signs Your Dog Needs More Attention

 Every dog owners definitely love their pets. Whenever we see them, we always try to give them hugs and kisses. But sometimes, they don’t understand our love language. Dogs are just like any other living thing. More than the basic necessities, they also need to receive attention, love and Four Paws dog treats.

As a responsible owner, we should always give them what they need. Our dog loves us and provides us with happiness, love, and protection. They are ultimately the most loyal animal friend a human could have. That’s why you need to pay more attention to these signs to understand them more.


  1. Your dog is asleep most of the time.

Dogs are usually active animals. In fact, they need a lot of physical stimulation in order to live a longer and healthy life. They are different from cats who take longer naps. If your dog takes more time sleeping, they definitely need your attention. Play with him or devote a day to his exercise. Show him some love too.

  1. He is depress

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Even dogs can also get depressed especially if their owners don’t give time to them. How do you know if your dog is depressed? Few of the signs are not eating his food, not greeting you when you arrive, and having a destructive behavior. How do you treat his depression? Again, play with him. Walk him outside regularly. Give him treats and rub his belly.

  1. Misbehaving

We all know that our dogs follow orders carefully. As much as possible they don’t want to receive nagging from you. That’s why when they are starting to misbehave, they are probably seeking your attention. Most of the time, they pee everywhere or leave a poop when they become emotionally distressed. If he’s starting to dig your garbage can again, don’t give him any punishment. Clearly, it’s also your fault that his behaving this way.

  1. Extra weight

Another sign of attention and having an emotional distress is when your dog has gained some weight. You probably think that giving a lot of dog treats is one way to make up your lack of attention to him. This is not how it goes. Balance is always the key. Giving him treats occasionally and making extra time for him is the key. Walking him in the park or playing with him will help him recover.

  1. Your dog won’t eat

A sign of a happy and healthy pet is when he eats his food and finishes them. When your pet won’t finish his food, it’s a red flag for you. He is might be lonely, sick, or depressed. That’s why even if you are giving your dog a lot of expensive and healthy foods, he won’t appreciate it much if you don’t show him your love properly.

Dogs are very precious and sensitive pets. They need love and attention. Showing them your affection is the key to a healthier relationship and a healthy dog. A balance between good food and bonding time will make a difference.

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